Company Profile


  Dongguan City Lianmao Fiber Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of cotton wool and other non-woven products and post-processing company. The main products are: flame-retardant cotton, antibacterial fiber, hard cotton, brown cotton, acupuncture Cotton, felt, fire cotton, cotton spinning, loose cotton, non-woven, cotton, cotton, cotton, cotton, cotton, cotton, cotton, cotton, Pearl cotton, PK cotton, tree planting bags, ultrasonic composite cotton, cotton tires, cotton flakes, flax fiber flakes, bedding and so on. These products are mainly used in furniture, decoration, mattresses, bedding, clothing, toys, shoe materials, automotive interior, filter, sound-absorbing works, thermal insulation projects.

  Companies with high-quality professionals R & D design various types of non-woven products, through the cushion of furniture, new standards of flammability TB117-2013, California, China CN117 flame retardant standards, the British BS5852 flame retardant standard product testing, the EU ROHS Testing and has made the United States ULs CFR-1633 mattress flame retardant products production qualification certification; through the Swiss Textile Testing Co., Ltd. Oeko-Tex standard 100 certification and the United States MSDS certification, in line with EU REACH regulations. By the China International Green Management Center audit awarded the "China green products." Company organization rigorous, enterprise management applications QUICK & mdash; ERP software management, product import ISO9001: 2008 quality management system, the production site to implement 8S management.

  Over the years, we have established a good reputation in the market, and with the country and around the world dealers to establish a close and effective relations of cooperation. The company has always been committed to the development of new products, the introduction of international advanced equipment and development of technology, production capacity, improve the means of testing. In ensuring the quality of the basis, to further optimize the product structure, improve the technological content of products, expand the market share of products.

  Companies from South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Germany and China Jiang, Shanghai and other places to introduce advanced production machinery and equipment and technology, with an annual output capacity of over 4,000 tons. Production capacity and technical strength in the Pearl River Delta thick non-woven industry, the leading position in the enterprise.

  Companies in the future will continue to adhere to the "win-win" business philosophy, quality, technology, delivery, services, and so continue to maintain the advantages of active exploration, and you create a better future.