Apocynum health cotton
Apocynum Jiangya cotton

Apocynum Jiangya cotton

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China's natural fiber Apocynum is newly developed in recent years, with health care function is good. Apocynum fiber is non-toxic, no adverse effect, has obvious effect of regulating blood pressure, its pharmacological effects mainly in blood pressure, strong heart, effects on experimental heart disease. Widely used in clothing, quilts, sheets in addition. Also, apocynum fiber with warm and superior, good moisture absorption and permeability, anti ultraviolet radiation and strong penetration. The development of lotus cotton Apocynum step-down Mao company with 50% natural apocynum fiber and other environment-friendly fiber, made of cotton apocynum fiber not only has hypertension, asthma, blood lipids, but also the special function of other functional fiber. The results show that frequent use of Apocynum content over 35% health care clothing, bedding and other items of daily contact with the skin, can obviously improve Clinical function

Weight: 140gsm

Width: 50-250mm

Thickness: 20mm

Applications: clothing, quilt, bed linen

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