Cushion. Pillow padding cotton

Cushion. Pillow padding cotton

Product Manual:

The importance of A. functional filling cotton

Product Description: with the improvement of people's living standard, the pillow has been transformed from a daily necessities to functional health care products. As the raw material to reflect the comfort of the pillow padding cotton, it is particularly critical

Lotus brand: as one of the leading products of lotus company, the pillow core has been developed for 17 years. The advantages of the company's pillow are the following;

A. raw material

Hollow roll cotton - as a close contact with the skin of the pillow, the most important point is moisture permeability, lotus research and development of the company's 7 hole breathable polyester staple fiber, is your life's personal breathing apparatus

B. fabric

100% PP non-woven fabric, 100% polyester fabric, 100% pure cotton fabric

PP non-woven fabric used as a pillow liner, lotus Corporation's annual export value of 2 million U. s.dollars, the main markets include: Britain, the United States, Australia, Holland and other global

Polyester and cotton fabrics, we have the industry's advanced sewing and printing equipment, according to the different design and development of customers to make goods

Functional fill: Lotus Mao company in improving the guests touch experience at the same time, daily necessities of safety performance is also advantages

According to the international home furnishing international standard, the materials used by our company can be manufactured according to the safety standards of different guests

British Standard: BS5852, BS7176, BS7177 and so on

American Standard: CA117, CA133, TB133 etc.

EU: EN71, EN45545, REACH155, etc.

Pillow products as the company's advantage products, has formed a one-stop industrial production model, from raw materials - processing - Packaging - freight, only to create "customer satisfaction" business purposes

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