Flame retardant cotton
American Standard flame retardant cotton

American Standard flame retardant cotton

Product Manual:

Product Name: American Standard flame retardant cotton

Product description:

Flame retardant cotton products have flame retardant, anti dripping effect, and can form flame retardant firewall effectively

The 16CFR1633 test: the test time of 30 minutes, peak heat release mattress or mattress sets must not exceed 200 kW (KW), with the release of the first 10 minutes, the total heat release amount must be less than 15 MJ (MJ),

The product features of American 16CFR1633 test: flame retardant, anti melt, little smoke and no poisonous effect has destroyed, after carbonization can maintain the status quo, moisture, breathable, soft, durable elasticity, mainly used in high-grade mattress exports to the United States.

The product features standard BS5852 test: at present the European market for soft mattress furniture and seat type flame retardant mandatory requirements, while the hardness and adjustable, good fireproof performance, 30 seconds automatically extinguished, mainly for export markets in Europe, the more high-grade sofa.

Through the United States TB117 test product features, fire protection requirements between the three is relatively low, the longest combustion time is not more than 8 seconds, suitable for exports to the United States textiles, furniture

Weight: 180g/ meters to 240g/ meters

Width: 0.5m ~ 3.2m

Thickness: 0.5cm ~ 5cm

Product certification: TB-603, CFR-1633, UL-94.

Characteristics: permanent flame retardant, absorbent, breathable, soft, durable elasticity, good insulation. When burning, only a small amount of smoke, insoluble drops, no poisonous effect has destroyed, keep the original shape after carbonization.

Uses: mainly used in mattress, cushion, sofa, seat and home textile products

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