Flame retardant non-woven fabric
Flame retardant viscose non-woven fabric

Flame retardant viscose non-woven fabric

Product Manual:

Name: flame retardant viscose non-woven fabric

Specification: 80g square meters -500g square meters (can be customized according to customer requirements)

Width: 0.3m-2.3m (customized according to customer requirements)

Thickness: 1.5mm-5mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)

Characteristics: flame retardant fiber is a new material high tech fiber has a flame-retardant and anti dripping performance in the development of the national "863" program on the basis of the research results. This product uses a new generation of flame retardant fiber technology, sol gel technology, inorganic polymer flame retardants in viscose fiber organic macromolecules with nano or interpenetrating network state, both to ensure the fiber excellent physical properties, but also realizes low smoke, non-toxic, no smell, no melting and dripping properties. The fibers and textiles with flame retardant, heat insulation and anti dripping effect, its application performance, safety performance and the added value is greatly improved, can be widely used in civil, industrial and military fields

Uses: mattresses, decorative fabrics, furniture, cars...



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