Antibacterial cotton
Antibacterial non-woven fabric

Antibacterial non-woven fabric

Product Manual:

Name: antibacterial non-woven fabric

Product description:

Antibacterial fiber flocculus in fiber production process, special processing of nanometer silver antibacterial agent dispersed into the melt after processing, protein fiber and nano silver in the bacteria with the loss of activity, thereby inhibiting the reproduction of bacteria. The golden staphylococcus bacteriostatic rate was 99%. Compared to the finishing method of Escherichia coli 99%. and the inhibitory rate of the traditional, because it is in the process of spinning antibacterial agent and fiber matrix were fully mixed, after repeated washing in the fiber has good antibacterial deodorant, sweat absorption, good air permeability, dry and comfortable, soft.

Specification: g weight 90~500GSM

Width 1.5m~2.3m (size cut according to size)

Application: Public Goods: underwear, Outerwear, sportswear, due to, textile shoes, women's health supplies, bedding.

Medical supplies: patient clothes, medical clothing, surgical gowns, surgical cloth, bandages, bedding, hospital curtains

Services: tourism, bedding, decorative cloth, food, catering, work clothes

Industrial products: air conditioning filter material, filter cleaner, car radio textiles, wall covering, carpet.


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